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A group show, THE CAVE will be presented at Frontrunner Gallery March 16th-31st.  Produced by Corinne Beardsley, 20 artists and performers are building a cave out of cardboard and wheat pasting newsprint to paint, draw, install sculpture, projections, soundscapes, and host performances of music and theater.  The show will inhabit two spaces at 59 Franklin St.- the 400 sq. foot gallery, and it's project space in the deep caverns of the building.  The audience will discover the dark spaces using crafted flashlight torches.

The stage is a post-apocalyptic space that has been abandoned for an indeterminate amount of time, but is discovered by the audience for the first time since living beings left it.  We are reflecting on the ritual and act of mark making that paleolithic cave persons left for our imagination to answer the looming question- Why? Why would a hunter and gatherer culture have the urge to do something that is not needed for survival? Or is part of their perseverance?  This inspires our curiosity- The experience of stepping down in a cavernous secluded space, working together to leave marks that represent our existence.  By creating an imaginary space and work that expresses the world that we are part of and is part of us, we may begin to understand why those before us left their vitality in the gestures they etched into the stone.

THE CAVE will present paintings and drawings by Nick Borelli, Kiley Ames Klein, Mitchell Martinez, Guno Park, and Shawn Yu; sculptural installations by Corinne Beardsley, Ramona Bradley, Ian Healy, Zach Hewitt, Elyse Hradacky, clay animation video by Jessie Brugger, live performances of the cave ESSENCES by Marissa Metelica (written by Patrick Murray) and Nic Holiber, Robotic creatures by Jason Sho Green,  a soundscape designed by musician Garrison York of Open to the Hound, masked gargoyle percussionists by Lavinia Roberts and MIchael Feld, crystal cavern installations, tunnels, chambers, shrines, and many nooks and surprises to discover.  

more project information:
Frontrunner Gallery
59 Franklin St.
NY, NY, 10013

Tu-Sunday 11-6
Opening: March 16th 6-9 pm
Performance nights: March 30/31st 8 PM

Performance Night Featuring: The ESSENCE, Open to the Hound- Wilderness Rock, Lavinia Roberts' Gargoyles, Ramona Bradley and Andrew Wohlsen, Nic Holiber, and tribal/futuristic electronic dance beats by Submerge.

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